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Using the menu below, you will find an in-depth list of service providers and products within your area. These trusted Companies are the best in their areas of expertise and offers quality workmanship.

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Air conditioning - Try and stay clear of fly-by nights with cheap imitations from china. With every summer, they are everywhere. Make sure you purchase a well-known brand, as parts will never be a problem in the future. Dealing with a company with a proven track record will guarantee service and maintenance. Air conditioning is an investment not a cheap fan.


Alarms and security - Today in SA, an alarm is a must, but there are other ways to prevent an intruder to even getting close to the inside of your house.


Aluminium Doors and Windows - When renovating, Aluminium products are the best way to go. They have many benefits like, a high strength-to-weight ratio, lightweight and easy to install, the ability to meet decorative needs, through anodising, painting, powder coating or coil coating, durability and resistance to corrosion from weathering, needing very little maintenance and giving a long service life

Appliance and Electrical - Always, but always, buy a well known brand. You will never have problems with parts and you are always guaranteed of a warranty.


Appliance Repairs - Make 100% sure that the person or company repairing your appliances are certified to work on the products. Always contact the manufacturer or distributor for the contact details of a competent service provider.


Blinds - In my own experience, I realized that if you pay cheap, you get cheap. Now there is a difference between cheap and inexpensive. Don't buy these cheap jobbies at the local superstore, they do not last. That is why there is professional companies that will offer you inexpensive blinds and expert advice on buying the perfect blind for the room intended.


Borehole Specialists - That is exactly what they are, specialists - not these well point, claim-to-fame, fly-by-nights. Make sure that the company installing your well-point or borehole has been in business for years. A Borehole is a great investment and not only saves you money but, guarantees a lush green garden. Get a professional!


Carpet and upholstery cleaners - This is very important - Get out the professionals and ask for referrals if they claim to be professional, ask for referrals. You don't want your carpets or most valued couch/furniture to be in worse shape than before.


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