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Guide to a Air conditioning Unit


Choosing the correct unit


Choosing the correct air conditioning unit for you application, it is recommended that a proper assessment is done by an establisher air conditioning dealer. Not only are there different types of units on the market, but sizing is very important. Should a too small unit be installed, it will run continuously and electricity consumption will be high. This can also result in failure of the unit. On the other hand a too large unit will switch on and off at short intervals which also causes higher electricity consumption. Therefore choosing the right size unit, will give a longer lifespan and also control air temperature more effectively.


It is also important to know that other factors can change the size of a unit, e.g. open plan, height of ceiling, window, heat-load generated, and number of people present.


Another important factor is choosing the correct brand. This is of best interest to the user, as there need to be a spares back-up in case of breakdowns. To use no name brands without proper back-up can be costly as the complete unit might need to be changed in case of a breakdown. Most top brands in South Africa offer a two to three year warranty on new units if product installed and maintained by an approved contractor/dealer.


Maintaining your air conditioning unit/system


Servicing of air conditioning units are important as it will enhance performance of units. You can have the best unit on the market but if not properly serviced and installed it can cost a lot of money.




All top brand units have accredited dealers / installers that will look after the maintenance and installation of these units. Technicians need to use the correct

Tools, and undergo certain levels of training on a regular basis. They can decide and inform you of the best installation position. Another important factor is electrical power supply. As air conditioning units are fixed installation, these units required.

A fixed electrical power point, which includes its own circuit breaker in your DB board, connected to a weather proof isolator at the outdoor unit.


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